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Kiran Danny Kate
Shinu Shinu and Gafoor Gafoor
Matt Ben Malchi
Josh Josh from Kenilworth received less than the national average hours of driver training (35-40hrs) and passed FIRST time with ZERO driving faults

Congratulations Josh



"Simons training was excellent, we both passed first time in the UK. We had been driving for many years abroad, yet we still learned many new things about safe driving. His service was reliable and his calmness and patience helped develop our confidence."
Dr Shinu and Dr Gafoor (2011)

"I felt at ease, SImon was patient and calm, even when I made mistakes. It isn't all about passing a test its learning to be a good driver. I never thought that I would pass with so few small driving faults (only 3). He wouldn't put you in for a test unless you are ready, I would definitely recommend Simon." Emily (2010)

"I had taken three driving tests with another driving instructor and it seemed to be getting worse and worse, after a few month training with Simon he transformed my driving and when I passed it was with only three faults." Tom (2010)

"Simon helped me achieve something I thought that I would never be able to do. Having passed my test my life was transformed. I feel relaxed and confident when I drive and I am aware of the importance of driving safely. I would recommend Simon without hesitation." Felicity (2009)

A Driving lesson I'll never forget

"I thought that I was a good driver I had eight years under my belt and never caused ana accident. My thoughts changed after one lesson with Simon. I didn't see an obstruction in the road until the last minute, I started to overtake and met a car coming the other way. Simon had noticed this a long time before, I should have assessed the situation and stopped in plenty of time. Concentration he said is the key to good driving"
Gemma Lynn Reporter Kenilworth Weekly News (Jan 2006)

Advanced Training Day

"I just wanted to thank you for an excellent day. You really challenged me to think about how I drove, and it has had a big impact. But you did it in such a supportive and fun way. I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Thank you." Dr Charles Palmer (Dec 2005)