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This page is your 'one stop shop' to support and help you to pass your test. We have Frequently Asked Questions, to help with booking your Theory and Practical Driving Test, plus a FREE support package to prepare you for your Theory Test.

Frequently Asked Questions - Theory Test

Question. Why should I choose System Driving?
System Driving is founded on the Police Driving System, renowned across the world. It is due to this successful system that we attribute not only our excellent pass rates, our drivers are safe drivers and highly skilled. System Driving is growing year on year there are no advertising campaigns or gimmicks, only personal recommendation as we are quite 'simply the best'


Question. What makes System Driving Instructors Different?
All our Instructors are fully trained in Roadcraft (you may be surprised most others are not!). Simon the founder was not only a Grade 1 Patrol Car driver and Grade 1 Motorcyclist but also anti-terrorist trained. It is this highly skilled background which promotes his demand for only the highest standards of driving and training from his Instructors. Also our Instructors are trained to understand that everyone learns in a different way, therefore training will be adapted to meet your individual learning needs. We are totally client centered putting you first and committed to your success.


Question. How do I book my Theory Test
Take care there are many 'scam' sites that look official that charge you a premium, click on the button and you will be linked directly to the correct DVSA site.

DVSA Theory Test

You can book your Theory Test at Coventry, Stratford or Solihull. Your Instructor will be able to show you where the center is.


Question. When should I book my Theory Test
We encourage you to take your theory test as soon as you are prepared and confident, as this knowledge will support you in your practical driving sessions.
Use this link to book your test DVSA Theory Test


Question. What do I need to take my Theory Test and when will I know that I have passed?
You will need your provisional photo card driving license and when you exit the testing room the facilitator will hand you an official letter\certificate detailing your scores and whether you've passed or failed.


Question. Do you offer any help with my Theory Test
Yes and its FREE to System Driving clients!! According to Theory Test Pro 'Learners using Theory Test Pro are twice as likely to pass than the national average.' System Driving - Theory Test Pro. Ask your instructor for access. You can also download app's on your smart phone to help you learn anywhere anytime.


Question: What is the format of the Theory Test ?
The theory test is computer based and has 2 parts :
Multiple Choice Questions (The time allowed is 57 minutes and the pass mark is currently 43 out of 50) and Hazard Perception (14 video clips are shown.  13 of the clips will contain 1 ‘developing hazard’, 1 of the clips will contain 2 ‘developing hazards’ and the pass mark is currently 44 out of 75)


Question: What is a 'developing hazard' on the Theory Test?
This is something that may result in you having to take some action such as changing speed or direction.  The earlier you see and respond to a developing hazard the higher you'll score.  The maximum score for each developing hazard is 5 points.


Question: How long is my Theory Test pass valid for ?
It’s valid for 2 years.  If you haven’t passed your practical driving test within that 2 year period you’ll have to take and pass the theory test again.


Question: If I fail how long will I have to wait before I can attempt my Theory Test again
You will need to wait at least 3 clear working days.


Frequently Asked Questions - Practical Driving Test

Question . When should I book my Practical Driving Test
This is such an important decision it must form part of a conversation with your Instructor. In doing this you will benefit from years of knowledge and experience gained by your instructor. We will only recommend a Practical driving test if you are properly prepared, competent and a safe driver. Please note that we will not support driving tests booked independaently without our consultanation and agreement.


Question . What is the format of the practical test ?
The practical test has 3 parts :
1 - Eyesight Check (You need to read either a ‘new style’ number plate at 20m or an ‘old style’ number plate at 20.5m and you will be given 3 chances.  After 3 unsuccessful attempts it’s a test fail)
2. Vehicle Safety Questions (You will be asked 1 ‘show me’ question and 1 ‘tell me question’.  Each incorrect answer is 1 ‘driving fault’)
3. Driving Ability (Lasts around 40 minutes.  This will be general driving in various road and traffic conditions but not on motorways.  It will also include 1 'reverse manoeuvre'.  The examiner will give you directions for the majority of the test but there will also be around 10 minutes of 'independent driving'.  15 or fewer ‘driving faults’, no ‘serious faults’ and no ‘dangerous faults’ will result in a pass)


Question. Where should I book my Practical Driving Test
Warwick District Training Centre. We will only conduct driving tests elsewhere with the prior expressed agreement of your driving instructor


Question: What's my Instructors ADI number
please see your Instructors ADI number below

Simon - 326239 Paul - 174758
Dean - 710196 Dave - 833449

Our instructors are trained to recognise and work within your individual learning style. All our trainers are totally client centered and committed to your success.


Question. What are the Top 3 Tips

1. Get a copy of Roadcraft, read and understand it.

2. Be prepared for your lesson, simple things really matter a good nights sleep, try to eat and drink properly before hand.

3. Arrive in plenty of time relaxed and ready to go.


Question. How do your prices compare to others?
Whilst we are not the cheapest we are not the most expensive. However we offer excellent value for money as we provide concentrated teaching so that you gain the most from every hour in the driving seat.


Question. How can I save money?
We will not compromise on your safety or our standards. When you feel that you are ready we will encourage you to drive at home, with family and practice there. We advise frequent short journeys and we will set up your own vehicle for you and brief your co-driver.

We offer excellent value for money as we provide concentrated teaching and provide a platform for you to gain as much as possible from each hour in the driving seat.

We do not operate a cancellation policy, we treat clients fairly and genuine cancellations will be individually considered. Unreasonable cancellations will regarded on a three strike system and you may be charged on the third occasion. We do make an administration charge of £20 when calculating and returning refunds.


pass plus, you have passed your driving test - now you can drive on your own at last. But it doesn't stop there; this is just the end of the beginning…

Statistics show that new drivers are more likely to have an accident in the first two years of passing their test than at any other time in their driving career!

It is for this reason that insurance for new drivers is considerable, especially young men, however you will also find that you can enjoy sizeable discounts on your insurance if you complete a Pass Plus course.

What is Pass Plus?
Pass Plus is a training course specifically aimed at new drivers, designed by the Driving Standards Agency (DVSA) with the help of insurers and the driving instruction industry.
Pass Plus will build upon your existing skills and knowledge, it will teach you how to anticipate, plan for and deal with all kinds of hazards, and can help you to become more confident on the roads. Pass Plus is made up of six practical one hour modules which include:

  • - town System Driving
  • - all weather driving
  • - rural roads
  • - night driving
  • - dual carriageways
  • - motorway driving

Will I need to pass another driving test?
No, you will not have to take a test at the end of the course but you will be continually assessed. You must successfully complete all the modules in the course to an achieved or exceeded standard.