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System DrivingSimon, the company director retired from the Police Service in 2005 having served 30 years. During 16 years as a Traffic Patrol Officer
he qualified as a Grade One Patrol car driver and Grade One Motorcyclist and also was trained as a VIP and Anti-Terrorist escort driver. Later he became a Ministry of Transport vehicle examiner and Road Traffic Accident Investigator.

Simon is a Grade 6 Approved Driving Instructor only 1% of driving instructors in the UK have achieved this.

Check Simon out on the ITV 1 series The Undrivables!

Simons main objective is to improve driving skills by introducing the 'critical' elements of 'defensive driving' found within Roadcraft the Police Drivers Manual. Couple this objective with the transfer of his many years experience across the field of motoring and you will undoubtedly become a more competent, skilled and safer driver.

Simply better than the rest ...

To become qualified as a VIP and Anti Terrorist escort trained. Simon underwent some of the most testing driver training imaginable, he became qualified to the very highest level of security in the UK. This training incorporated vital and extreme car control situations including controlled collision techniques.

System DrivingOver the years Simon investigated many serious and fatal road traffic collisions. These most frequently involved elements of driver error and lapses in driver concentration. It is these experiences that inspired Simon to become a Driving Instructor. He is passionate about training drivers of all abilities to adopt a systematic and safe approach to their driving coupled with amplified levels of concentration and observations.

ADI badgeSimon is a qualified Grade 6 Driving Instructor (ADI) and trains both novice and learner drivers as well as Driving Instructors. Simon can also support you through your Pass Plus modules to enable you to further develop your defensive driver skills.

He was trained by two retired Driving Standards Agency senior examiners, with over 50 years combined knowledge in the field of driver training. On receiving quality first hand training Simon now understands the Driving Standards Agency perspective handed down to him by ‘dyed in the cloth’ caring professionals.

excellent value for money,

System Driving training is not the cheapest, however, you will enjoy highly skilled tuition that in the long run will save you money and make you a better and more importantly a safer driver. We do not teach our students just to pass a test.

Learner Drivers £35.00
Student Learner Drivers £33.00
Pass Plus £38.00
Student Pass Plus £36.00
Advanced Driver Training £45.00
Advanced Student Driver Training £42.00


Please note that these rates may be subject to slight variation, depending on location.

Advance payment for 10 hours training entitles you to one extra hour of FREE training. Why not pay for 10 and at the end of that block get a complemtary hour free?

Personalised Gift Voucher available on request

Please note that an Adminstration fee of £25.00 will be made on refunds and that any training not taken up within 90 days will lapse and no refund will be provided in those circumstances.